“Serendipity takes effort.” That little pearl of wisdom dropped from the brain of my friend and client Tim “one for the ladies” Fitch, and I’m sharing it with you today because I’m on my way to meet him for brunch in That London.  Joe and I are also interviewing him for the podcast — which [...]

I have a confession to make, and also a really cool RADvent gift for you. I am a lastminute.com douchebag.  Tomorrow evening, I’m gathering a few of my southern Superheroes for a festive curry in That London. We set the date weeks ago. I booked a hotel weeks ago. Then I promptly forgot about it. Suddenly, it’s [...]

“Here lies your website. May it rest in pieces.” Wandering through the wilderness of the internet, the vast majority of websites are like a cemetery of words. They’re dead. Lifeless. Boring. So behind RADvent Calendar Door Numero 13, I’m hiding the Holy Grail of Writing Interesting Stuff: create a little mystery. Yes, tell stories. Yes, [...]

Oh holy shitballs what have I done? Only entered a bloody pole dancing competition. It’s in April. And I am sooooooooo far out of my comfort zone right now I can’t even remember what it looks like. I’m off for a private lesson with my instructor, so we can put together a routine for me [...]

Behind RADvent Calendar Door Number 11, I’m giving you perhaps the greatest gift of all. The gift of thinking. Because one thing I see people do, in business and out, all the damn time is not thinking. They have a big hairy problem or challenge, and they tell everyone they can about it… repeatedly. The [...]

Behind RADvent Calendar Door Numbero 10 is LOTS OF SNOW! Yes, that’s right, today in my part of the UK we have snow, and I’m very excited. It just goes to show that if you wish and hope for something hard enough, eventually it’ll come to you.  All you have to do is visualise it [...]

Behind RADvent Calendar Door Numbero 9, Joe and I will show you how to focus like a laser beam. Following two days being grilled by fellow high-achieving business owners — some of whom are bringing in millions of pounds a year — I was informed I need to focus more.  No surprise there… So Joe [...]

Leonardo Da Vinci’s to-do list was extra AF (as the kids might say). It was much, much cooler than my to-do list. We do have one thing in common, though, Leonardo and I: we both carry around a notebook in which we write or draw anything that interests us, fascinates us, excites us… So behind [...]

Once upon a time, at Christmas, a very special and beloved person was born. Amidst much anticipation and under twinkling stars, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer came into the world in 1939, thanks to the pen of Montgomery Ward staff copywriter Bob L. May. Behind RADvent Calendar Door Numbero 7, I’m giving you the gift [...]

Behind RADvent Door Numbero 6 comes the simplest tip ever. Put your prices up by 10%.  None of us is charging as much as we could be charging. None of us. Let me tell you something: price is elastic. Most of the time, we do not make buying decisions on price alone. Think about it: [...]

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